We can replace your vehicle tyres while you wait or during any routine or pre booked maintenance.

All wheels are balanced to the highest standard using computerised machinery, whether the wheels are steel or alloy.We fit a full range of tyres from top quality brands to high quality budget brands.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Tyre Care Checklist:
Regular maintenance is an easy and inexpensive way to prolong the life of tyres. Check tyres regularly either at home or when visiting a garage or filling station.

  • Check the correct pressures against the manufacturer’s recommendations or against the tyre’s sidewall markings (if they are the correct tyres for the vehicle)
  • Visually inspect for cuts, bulges or sidewall damage
  • Check tread depth (see Tyre law). A small tool is available to accurately measure treads
  • Check and adjust pressures as necessary. Remember – not all garage gauges give accurate readings. Pocket tyre gauges check pressures quickly and easily and only cost a few pounds
  • Clean dirt from around valves, fit valve caps all round and check for leakage (especially following inflation)
  • Remove stones and other foreign objects from treads
  • Have the steering alignment checked if front tyres show signs of excessive or uneven wear
  • Examine brakes if tyres show signs of wear through wheel locking
  • Have front wheels and tyres balanced if there are signs of vibration, wheel wobble or patchy tyre wear

When they are worn out, or need checking, come and see us!